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"Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace" is ungovernmental organization and its activities are based on     participations at international conferences (the USA; Israel, Germany).

"Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace" will be cooperating with all people and representatives of the    institutions of "good will", whose aims and tasks are protection of the right on life of individuals and nations,    without    any violence and criminal acts done in the name of political, national or religious motives.

Our final aim: : Victory over general world evil - terrorism.

   Director Vojislav Milosevic
  He graduated at the Faculty for Political Sciences in Belgrade in 1980.
  The topic for his postgraduate studies was : "Islam fundamentalism as a form of political organizings and work".
  He took part in the conferences of UNESCO and UNCTAD as a counselor in 1980 and 1981.
  He was a journalist for TANJUG agency in 1983.
  He was the counselor at the Protocol of the Federal Parliament from December 1983 till June 1999.
  He was a participant and a speaker at The Conference of Balkan countries which was dedicated to peace in the Balkans, held in Florina, Greece in 1993.
  At the local elections in November 1996 he was a candidate of the coalition "Zajedno" and a participant of the protest against the stealing of the votes during the following three months.
  During the visit of the special deputy of the general secretary of UN Elizabeth Wrenn on June 4th, 1997 he was a member of the delegation of Democratic opposition during the sessions.
  During the work for the Federal Parliament he organized and directed state visits of Francois Mitterand, Helmut Koll, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Peres de Quellar, prime minister of Japan Nakasone, Franz Josef Strauss, Robert Mugabe, Mikhail Gorbatchov...
  He organised the visits of parliament delegations of the USA Congress, Russian duma, Canadian Parliament, Greek Parliament, NATO delegation, EU delegation, British Parliament, Bundestag delegation, Mexican Parliament, during which Kosovo and Metohia were visited.
  He is the author of many articles in daily and weekly newspapers on international relationships.
  - "Searching for Alive Target" - in 1995.
- "With Islam to 21st century" - in1996.
- "Israel, the name which means the country and the people" - in 1996.
- Feuilleton "In the name of Alah (Novosti) – in September 2001 after the attack of Al- Quaide on the USA...
  He was a guest of the TV Station "The Voice of America" in Washington a couple of times on strategy positions of Serbia and lobbies.
  As a manager of the Center for counter-terrorism he was a participant and a speaker at the following conferences:
  - 3. International conference"Postmodern terrorism – trends, scripts, and the future threats" in September 2003, Herzliya , Israel
  - 4. International conference "Global influence of the terrorism" in September 2004, Herzliya , Israel MARSHAL CENTER "NATO and EU strategy in the       struggle against terrorism" 18-21st July 2005, Garmisch partenkirchen , Germany
  - 6. International conference "Global threat of terrorism" in September 2006, Herzliya , Israel.
  He wrote the book "The Balkan Knot" in 1999.
  He is a fluent speaker of English and he can use Spanish and Russian a little.
President of Board of Directors
Members of Board of Directors
Andrija Savic
Professor Savic was born in 1947. Finished the Faculty of Political Sciences at University of Belgrade with the master thesis in the field of communication and mass media. Defended his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Security, University of Skopje in Federal Republic of Macedonia.

Working experience includes Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1972-1987, followed by the Institute of Security and scientific and research work in the former federal SFRY Internal Affairs Secretariate.

Performed the duties of the last head of the National Security Department (RDB) the first director of the Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) within the Serbian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić.

At the same time Mr Savić was the member of the National Security Council of the Serbian government. During his mandate RDB transformed into BIA.


Branko Krga
Mr. Krga was born in 1945. He completed his graduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Also finished the Academy of Land Forces in 1967. and attended and completed some other high-ranking military schools.

Performed several commanding and military staff duties, and was a part of the diplomatic service in Prague and in Moscow.

Mr Krga's important functions include the Head of the Military Intelligence Service and Deputy Chief of General Staff, and from the mid-2002 he performed the duties of Serbia-Montenegro Chief of General Staff.

Lt. General (Retd.) Branko Krga

General Satish Nambiar
Mr. Satish Nambiar (Lieutenant General, Retd.)

Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar had his education in Pune and Mumbai. He saw active service in country's North-Western and North-Eastern regions. A graduate of the Australian Staff College, the General officer served on the General Staff Branch and Director General of Military operations at Army Headquarters. In the latter capacity he led two defense delegations for discussions with Pakistani counterparts in April 1991. in New Delhi and Sept 1991. in Islamabad. Deputed by the government of India as the first Force Commander and Head of Mission of the UN forces in the former Yugoslavia, initially in the grade of an Assistant Secretary General and later Under Secretary General, and commanding it for a year from March 1992. - March 1993. He retired as Deputy Chief of the Army Staff on August 1994.

On Nov 4th 2003. the General Officer was nominated by the Secretary General of the UN to serve on a 16-member High Level

Panel to assess threats to international peace and security, evaluate ways of strengthening the UN to provide collective security for the 21st Century...

Mr. Satish Nambiar (Lieutenant General, Retd.)

Lični podaci:

Prezime, očevo ime i ime: Grujić Pavla Radomir
Datum rođenja: 25 08 1950. godine

Završene škole:

Mornarička vojna akademija - pomorski smer
Komandno - štabna akademija Ratne mornarice
Škola nacionalne odbrane

Radomir Grujić, vice admiral

Značajnije dužnosti:

Komandant broda
Komandant odreda
Komandant diviziona
Komandant brigade
Komandant flote Ratne mornarice
Komandant Ratne mornarice
Načelnik Škole nacionalne odbrane
Zamenik načelnika Generalštaba za Ratnu mornaricu
Savetnik Načelnika Generalštaba

Profesionalno iskustvo:

- Operativna, organizaciona i analitička stručnost u vezi vojne problematike zemlje u svim aspektima i na svim nivoima.
- Temeljito poznavanje međunarodnog političkog i vojnog položaja zemlje - analitika i predviđanja
- Iskustvo u vojno-diplomatskim poslovima.