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List of participants:

- Ministry for foreign affairs Serbia : Ambassador Bratislav Djordjevic-   Director of NATO office
- Ministry for defence Serbia - cor.Stevan Djurovic, dr.s.cor. Katarina   Strbac, may.Miroslav Talijan
- Minister for interior affairs Serbia - Mladen Vukovic, Vladan Igic
- Experts from Washington, the USA
- Serbian Experts : prof dr Dragan Simeunovic (moderater)
- Vojislav Milosevic, Director of "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World   Peace"
- Prof dr.Milan Milosevic, Police academy
- Snyder James - NATO Headquarters in Brussels
- William Medigovich, Expert from the USA
- Thomas Crowley, Expert the USA
- David Vuich, Expert the USA
- Bogdan Vukosavljevic, Expert, Slovenia
- Mr.Marija Zuzek

- Embassy of the USA - Ian Campbell
- Embassy of Russia - Nikolay Ambrosiy, Vitaliy Pomerantsevskiy
- Embassy of Israel - Yaffa Ben Ari, Ambassador
- Embassy of Egypt
- Embassy of Denmark- Morten Villumsen
- Embassy of Italy - Filippo Andrea Colombo
- Embassy of Sweden
- Embassy of Slovakia
- Embassy of Albany - Anton Koliqi
- Embassy of Ukraina - Oleg Sokur
- Embassy of Montenegro - Anka Vojvodic
- Embassy of Croatia - Tonci Stanicic, Dragan Kraljevic
- Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mitar Pavic
- Embassy of Macedonia - Viktor Dimovski
- Embassy of Turkey - Gokhan Ozturk
- Embassy of Greece - Andrinopulos Eftatios
- Embassy of Romania- Ion Macovei, Ortansa Orzoiu
- Embassy of Libia- Omar Almukhtar
- Embassy of Belgium - Maj Goyvaerts
- Embassy of India - Ajay Swarup, Ambassador
- Embassy of Switzerland
Mr.Vojislav Milosevic - Opening of the conference
"Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace" organised The First International Conference about Counter-Terrorism which was held on
19-20th June, 2007 in Belgrade, Congress Center SAVA, with the name "The West Balkans - gate for terrorism and organised crime".
Welcome speech

Vojislav Milosevic, Director of "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace"

Ladies and gentlemen, Your excellencies, Representatives of the press, Welcome to the First International Conference about Counter-terrorism, called "The West Balkans – gate for terrorism and organised crime, patronaged and organised by the "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace" from Belgrade.

Messages and lessons which are received after September 11th, 2001 equal the historic values of the mankind battle against the leaders of evil during the two world wars, or the fear of the nuclear war – during the period of the "cold war" which was threatening the mankind.Terrorism has become a universal threat , no matter to the size of the country, power of the nation, strength of the economy and military potential, or the development of the democracy and human freedom.Terrorism fights "the big and small ones" using unconventional resources , and, above all, the leaders of the world power such as the USA and their political, economical and military allies are their greatest challenge.

Besides, terrorism is the danger for the countries and nations full of ethnic and religious contradictions as well as for the freedom of the spiritual and social development of the contemporary world.

The mission of the terrorists is to rule producing fear and subversion as well as doubts about the existence of the future, and to produce violence which will give rise to ambitions of the terrorists and terrorist organizations.

Counter-terrorism is an answer to the terrorist strategy, and it contains a kind of "antidote" defined through the skills of preventive actions and protection of human, nation and government rights to live and to be sovereign.

We are in Belgrade today, and Belgrade is in the center of the west Balkans, and one of our aims is to open the horizons through clearing up of all sorts of terrorism which are present in the south-east of Europe, among which ethno-separatist terrorism, connections between terrorists and both mafia structures and Al-Quaide system are our priorities.

Struggle against terrorism is becoming a complex skill of joining mosaic pieces which demands huge knowledge, experience and ability to penetrate the mind of the terrorists and their organizations in a virtual and pragmatic way, and to take all possible measures to prevent the intentions of the terrorists. Those intentions are the rule of fear, blackmails, violence and crime which are done to the people and countries in the name of political, national and religious motives.

This is the reason why terrorism is a "black hole" of the 21st century, which can be defined as a strategy of "hell", while counter-terrorism is defined through the skill of controlled actions against terrorism and violence, promoting the right of self-defence in the protection of the world peace and universal progress of the contemporary world.

I wish you a successful and fruitful work during the First International Conference about Counter-terrorism in Belgrade

Mr.Vladimir Markovic, a member of the assembly city council and Mr.Vojislav Milosevic
Ambassador of Israel Mrs.Yaffa Ben Ari
Mr.David Vuich - Expert from the USA
  Analysis of global terrorist threats
  Analysis of terrorist threats in Europe
  Disabling of propaganda and popularization of terrorist organizations and their activities through cooperation of all forms of mass communications
  Modern strategies struggling terrorism and significance of planning on regional basis with the aim of efficient counter-terrorism struggle
  Battle strategy against drugs transport and reducement of their misuse in global battle against terrorism
  The West Balkans – gate for organized criminal and terrorist activities on the way from the Middle East towards West Europe and the USA
  Establishing of international cooperation and communication lines, regional response mechanisms to threats and creation of new techniques in battle against terrorism
  Promotion of institutions and state structures of Serbia which will help the battle against international terrorism on regional and global levels
  Consideration of international and regional counter-terrorist cooperation
  Suggestions of new safety architecture in Serbia in the battle against all forms of terrorism
Conference hall in BELGRADE SAVA CENTER
Mr.Ian Campbell - The USA embassy
Ambassador of India Mr.Ajay Swarup
Voice of media about The First International Conference about Counter-Terrorism in Belgrade :

- RTV STUDIO B - www.studio-b.co.yu
- DANAS - www.danas.co.yu
- B 92 - www.b92.net
- Internet presentation of Belgrade - www.beograd.org.yu

Topics and aims of this conference:
prof.dr.Dragan Simeunovic and Thomas Crowley
In Serbian only

1st International Conference on Counter-Terrorism - Belgrade 2007

May.Miroslav Talijan - Expert - Ministry of Defense - Serbia
Col.Stevan Djurovic - Expert -Serbia
Mr.Goran Matic - Expert - Serbia
Mr.Dusan Tomic - Institute for Political Studies - Serbia
Mr.William Medigovich - Expert - USA
Mr.Thomas Crowley - Expert - USA.
Col.Katarina Strbac - Expert - Ministry of Defense -Serbia
Mr.Bogdan Vukosavljevic - Expert - Slovenia
Mrs.Marija Zuzek - Expert - Serbia
Zoran Petrović - Piroćanac - Expert - Serbia
Predrag Martinovic - Excecutiver Director CCTWP
Mr.Snyder Thomas James - NATO
Prof.Dr.Milan Milosevic - Police Academy - Serbia
V. Milosevic speach at the Ljubljana Conference
V. Milosevic together with Emilio Mordini, Conference coordinator
V. Milosevic speach at the Ljubljana Conference
"The impact of counter-terrorist border control legislative measures on privacy protection"
17-19. Sept 2009
Vojislav Milosevic:"Is biometrics technology a "silver bullet" for terrorism"