Balkan knot

The Balkans from realpolitics to quasipolitics
  The First International Conference about Counter-terrorism was patronaged and organised by "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace". The conference was held under the name "The West Balkans - the gate for terrorism and organised crime" from 19th till 20th June, 2007 in Belgrade.

A great number of embassies took place at the conference, among which were the following: the embassy of Russia, Israel, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, India, Denmark...

Both Serbian and foreign experts for terrorism also took place at the conference, and some of them are prof dr Dragan Simeunovic, dr Bojan Dimitrijevic, prof dr Milan Milosevic, Vojislav Milosevic, Snyder James, Shaul Shay, William Medigovich, Thomas Crowley, David Vuich, Sylvain Dargery, Bogdan Vukosavljevic...

Henry Kissinger could become a Serbian lobbist for 5 million dollars

SVEDOK December 2nd, 2003

New, large book”Centers of World Power” in preparation


CORD magazine - Interview - July 2007

 Vojislav Milosevic, Director of the "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace"

On June 19th and 20th Belgrade was a host to an important security conference entitled Western  Balkans - the Gateway for Terrorism and Organised Crime. The two-day event, the first of its kind to be  held in the Balkans, was attended, amongst others, by Indian Ambassador Ajay Swarup, Israeli  Ambassador Yaffa Ben-Ari, representatives of the U.S., Russian and Ukrainian embassies, delegates from  neighbouring countries, NATO and experts of the Belgrade Police Academy.

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