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The First International Conference about Counter-Terrorism was patronaged and organized by the "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace". The conference was held under the name "The West Balkans - the gate for terrorism and organized crime" from 19th till 20th June, 2007 in Belgrade.
New, large book "Centers of World Power" in preparation.
He wrote the book "The Balkan Knot" in 1999.
He is the author of many articles in daily and weekly newspapers on international relationships.
  "Searching for Alive Target" -in 1995.
"With Islam to 21st century" - in1996.
"Israel, the name which means the country and the people" - in 1996. Feuilleton "In the name of Alah (Novosti) – in September 2001. after the
attack of Al-Quaide on the USA...
He was a guest of the TV Station "The Voice of America" in Washington a couple of times on strategy positions of Serbia and lobbies.
As a director of "Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace" he was a participant and speaker at the following conferences:
3. International conference : "Post-modern Terrorism - Trends, Scenarios and Future Threats" Sept. 2003, Herzliya, Israel
4. International conference: "Global Influence of Terrorism" - Sept. 2004, Herzliya, Israel
"Marshal Center" : "NATO i EU Strategy fighting the Terrorism" – July 18-21, 2005 Garmish-PartenKirhen, Germany
6. International conference: "Global Threat of Terrorism" - Sept. 2006, Herzliya, Israel
On June 19th and 20th Belgrade was a host to an important security conference entitled Western Balkans – the Gateway for Terrorism and Organised Crime. The two-day event, the first of its kind to be held in
CORD magazine - Interview - July 2007

Vojislav Milosevic, Director of the "The Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace"
the Balkans, was attended, amongst others, by Indian Ambassador Ajay Swarup, Israeli Ambassador Yaffa Ben-Ari, representatives of the U.S., Russian and Ukrainian embassies, delegates from neighbouring countries, NATO and experts of the Belgrade Police Academy.
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Visit of N.Delhi JUNE 2008 - Vojislav Milosevic - JUN 2008 -Lecture announce of Vojislav Milosevic on Balkan topic

Audience during the leacture of Vojislav Milosevic

Lt.Gen.Satish Nambiar, Vojislav Milosevic and Maj.Gen. PJS Sandhu, Deputy Director and Editor U.S.I. Journal, India's Oldest Journal on Defence Affairs

Lt.Gen.Satish Nambiar and Vojislav Milosevic

Official lunch in honor of visit of delegation of Center for Counter-Terrorism, and Vojislav Milosevic - Hosted Satish Nambiar